Lift EFOIL sales & prices

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Lift 3 – £12,450 package (inc UK Duty & VAT) – 100 min ride time, lighter, 2021 3rd generation aerodynamic refinements. Sizes: 4’2, 4’9, 5’4, 5’9. Colours : white, blue, black – (Blue 4’2, Black 4’9, Blue 5’4’s in UK Stock for next week delivery)

Lift F – £11,000 package (inc UK Duty & VAT) – 100 min ride time, 3rd generation aerodynamic refinements. Sizes: 4’9, 5’4 Colours : Seafood Green, Vermillion Red- (Green or Red 5’4’s in UK Stock for next week delivery)

All packages include battery, charger, bags, wings, mast, controller, toolkit, import duties & taxes.

EFOIL UK EFOIL STANDS £250 inc VAT (inc delivery)


LIFT3 – £12450

All New Shape

We redesigned our edges and water release points for a smooth and stable ride on the water, making it easier for any rider to get started on a smaller size board. 

The result; a board that offers the best combination of stability and performance, and a ton of fun. 

42 Pro

The Pro is the most compact eFoil on the market and has unbelievable response in its carve–it feels like you’re flying on nothing at all. Rider Weight: Up To 220 lbs. 

49 Sport

The Sport is a shop favorite and our go-to recommendation for eFoilers, this board offers a great balance between stability and performance.

Rider Weight: Up to 250 lbs. 

54 Cruiser

This Cruiser is still short, but offers all the stability that any rider will need.  If you want to share the eFoil experience this is the perfect option.

Rider Weight: Up to 275 lbs

59 Explorer

Anybody can ride the Explorer and experience the sensation of flying over water without having previous skills or water sports know how.

Rider Weight: Up to 300 lbs.

Lift3 F – £11,000

Available in 4’9 or 5’4 (Everything you get with Lift 3 but with a Fibreglass board option – we only stock 100 minute battery option with this board)

WINGS – Customize your Ride

Wings attach to the eFoil mast, and the shape of the wing changes the eFoil riding experience to offer a wide range of options for effectiveness, stability, and performance. 

Lift put 10 years of hydrofoil and wing design to use in creating a wide selection of dynamic wings for all types of eFoil  experiences. 

These include nine wing front options and four wing backs, offering the ultimate mix-and-match selection of options and customizations to eFoil owners. 


An ergonomic, waterproof bluetooth controller that easily shows battery life, and allows you to swap quickly and intuitively between a multitude of speed and performance settings. 

Want to stop while on board? Just release the trigger. For added safety, as soon as the controller hits the water or if the board tilts past 45 degrees, the propulsion automatically stops.

The Propulsion


Lift 3’s brushless motors are designed and manufactured by the absolute best engineers in the industry. We have achieved what no competitor has and created a proprietary, maintenance free, direct drive motor–free of cumbersome gears. 

The LIFT3 eFoil motor is extremely efficient and quiet through the water and it packs enough power to pull two riders at the same time.


The LIFT3 propellers are precision machined out of a solid block of aluminum. We hand polish and balance each prop to perfection before finishing with a hard anodization. 

Lift’s propellers are where the “rubber meets the road”, engineers will recognize that they are a work of art, and riders will appreciate that they extremely reliable.


Our protective nozzle has been redefined this year to not only offer safety and peace of mind to the rider, but improved hydrodynamics and added stability to the overall ride.

With this new propulsion setup, Lift truly offers an experience like none other.

The Lift eFoil leverages advances in lithium-battery technology and wireless communication to create an experience that’s a mix of surfing, flying, and deep-powder snowboarding. 

EFoil Battery

Our battery is made of custom lithium-ion and is built to endure the impacts of rugged marine environments. 

It also:

  • is easily replaceable and rechargeable, with charge times of less than two hours.
  • averages 120-minutes of ride time, depending on rider weight and speed (closer to 90 minutes of ride time is common).
  • easily interchanged and recharged.
  • has a warranty for a year of over 300 charge cycles.
  • is IP68 rugged, waterproof, and fully submersible.
  • is made in the USA, and uses sophisticated components that are designed for safety and performance.
  • weighs 29 lbs.

EFOIL UK – EFOIL and WING FOIL STANDS £250 inc VAT & delivery

Elite wheeled case bags – £1000 inc VAT

Private 2 hr Efoil Lesson Voucher – £300 inc VAT


  • Carbon fiber board
  • Carbon fiber mast
  • Carbon fiber wings
  • Hand controller
  • Fast battery charger
  • Long-range rechargeable battery (up to 2hrs)
  • eFoil, mast, and wing bags for safe transport of all included items
  • Cleaning kit
  • Toolkit
  • Manual and quick-start guide
  • 2 year warranty on the eFoil Board
  • 1 year warranty on the eFoil battery (or 300 cycles)

Lift 3 (Carbon board) – £12,450 INCLUDING UK import duties and VAT

Lift F (Fibreglass board, Carbon mast & wing ) – £11,000 INCLUDING UK import duties and VAT

Call Simon on 0797 3446701 or email to check UK stock availability – to get riding at the weekend