If you are interested in purchasing an E Foil we provide a fly before you buy service off the North Devon Coast in the UK.

With any new innovation it is always going to take time for the world to find a consensus around terminology… efoil surfing, efoil surfboarding, electric hydrofoiling, eFoiling……

Keeping it simple the E Foil is an electric surfboard that flies about 80 cm above the water on a hydrofoil wing. Giving the sensation of gliding down a perfect endless wave face.

At E Foil UK we are embracing the place where the near silent tranquility of a brushless electric motor meets the grace and efficiency delivered by refinements in hydrofoil wing design.

It provides a surreal and exhilarating way to interact with nature and our environment without imposing on it.

Call or text 07973446701 to book a session or order a board from UK stock to get riding today!